A finished Vortex Weaving

This "Communical Vortex Weaving" is the result of many people's collaborative creative efforts.

Jennifer Zackin's Communal Vortex Weaving at C.X. Silver Gallery

Preparation for a Communal Vortex Weaving

Weaving materials await .... Photos: Pedro Wainer at Arts, Letters and Numbers Residency

For the past several years Jennifer Zackin has been weaving a vortex on a loom installed in a 10-foot-square space using 2,880 feet of rope in her studio. This technique has been developed from years of studying weaving while visiting the Himalayas and living in the Andes. The next phase of this work uses the Vortex Weave as a process for bringing people together while developing spatial literacy. It probes the potential energy generated through art-life processes by weaving in community, sharing skills, and envisioning with others the kind of future we strive to collectively shape. By infusing our actions with purpose, together we can craft a healthier, more sustainable world.

In physics a vortex is the central axis of a spinning torus, a three-dimensional ring or doughnut-shaped object around which energy can flow. Mathematical equations can be used to describe this process. This pattern can be found throughout the universe in hurricanes, galaxies, and atoms. Nikola Tesla's experiments with energy employed the torus in the development of his famous coil. Thinking this way, Collective Vortex Weaving becomes an inquiry into the potential energy generated when art and life merge. This collective interactive art project happens at C.X. Silver Gallery during October Gallery Walk with a reception for the artist; visitors are invited to participate in the weaving. View the installation and Jennifer's works on paper throughout October by appointment, (802) 257-7898 x1, or visit online at cxsilvergallery.com/jenniferzackin and jenniferzackin.com.

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