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Work showing at Silver Gallery

C.X. Silver Gallery

Work at 1868 Crosby House

1868 Crosby House

Work showing at BMAC

Brattleboro Museum &
Art Center

Work at Whetstone Station

Whetstone Station

Work at Gallery 34

Gallery 34

Work at In-Sight Photography Project

Siena S. et al.
FALL SEMESTER STUDENTS In-Sight Photography Project

Art at Restless Rooster

Restless Rooster Café

Art at Graffiti Sandwich

Graffiti Sandwich

Artwork at Ruggles & Hunt

Ruggles & Hunt

Artwork at Ruggles & Hunt

Ruggles & Hunt

Artwork at Amy's Bakery Arts Café

Amy's Bakery Arts Café

Artwork at Amy's Bakery Arts Café

Amy's Bakery Arts Café

Artwork at Vermont Artisan Designs

Vermont Artisan Designs

Art at Works Bakery Café

Works Bakery Café

Jewelry by David Walter

David Walter, Goldsmith
& Platinumsmith

Sculpture by Bruce Campbell

David Walter, Goldsmith
& Platinumsmith

Artwork at Gallery in the Woods

Gallery in the Woods

Work at Gallery at the Garden

The Gallery at The Garden

Work at Gallery at the Garden

The Gallery at The Garden

Cavallini Maps at Penelope Wurr

Penelope Wurr Glass
& Gifts

Glass vase by Penelope Wurr

Penelope Wurr Glass
& Gifts

Work at Mitchell·Giddings Fine Arts

Mitchell · Giddings Fine Arts

Work at Mitchell·Giddings Fine Arts

Mitchell · Giddings Fine Arts

Art at Hermit Thrush Brewery

Hermit Thrush Brewery

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The next Gallery Walk will be on Friday, February 3.


Fish on platter by Janet Picard
The Marina Restaurant

1. The Marina Restaurant
28 Spring Tree Rd. (down behind 464 Putney Rd. - where the West River meets the Connecticut), (802) 257-7563,
Ongoing exhibits include paintings by Else DeVoid; watercolors by young Alex Hrabchak; flora, fauna, and landscapes by painter Kristina Wentzell; collages of vintage food imagery by Tiffany Heerema; large painted gourds by Terry Carter; fine art photography by Henry Ireland; botanical illustrations by Tina Olsen; landscapes and contemporary artwork by Martha Dolan; mystical landscapes, studies in nature, and unconventional still-lifes by Janet Picard; and impressionist-realist paintings by Deborah Lazar. Walk "munchies" available 5-6:30. This casual waterfront eatery with sunset view is open daily 11:30-10, Sun. Brunch served 10-1.


Work at C.X. SilverGallery
C.X. Silver Gallery

2. C.X. Silver Gallery & Dim Sum Teahouse
814 Western Ave., (802) 257-7898 or (802) 579-9088,
GALLERY OPEN 4-6 pm GALLERY WALK; otherwise open year-round by calling ahead.... Nye Ffarrabas: New Works and selections from a walk on the inside, her 50-year retrospective ( Cai Xi: selections from her retrospective ( including landscapes and portraits (1979-82), My Mother (1989-2008), and installation on the Chinese Five Elements (2016). Ongoing exhibits at the Gallery: Rodrigo Nava: Infinity Forms sculpture on lawn. Cai Xi's abstract performance painting using mops/brooms/trowels as brushes; luminous landscapes; monumental portraits; and the multimedia DIM SUM DINING evenings by; calling 1-2 days in advance recommended, (802) 257-7898.
ASIAN CULTURAL CENTER OF VERMONT (ACCVT) presents southern Vermont's 16th annual Lunar New Year Festival of Korea, Vietnam, and China on Sunday, January 29, 1-3 pm at 118 Elliot St.— or (802) 257-7898 for more information.

3. 1868 Crosby House
175 Western Ave., (802) 257-7145,
Vermont artist Nancy Calicchio's dreamy landscape paintings are featured again this month. Among her works are small plein-air pieces chronicling this most recent October. Stop by between 5 and 8:30 during Gallery Walk on Friday, January 6, to see the exhibit, enjoy refreshments, and tour this tastefully restored and appointed Victorian bed-and-breakfast built in Italianate style. Its luxurious accommodations and lovely gardens are the perfect setting for out-of-town guests and special occasions.


Artwork at BMAC
Brattleboro Museum
& Art Center

4. Brattleboro Museum & Art Center
10 Vernon St., (802) 257-0124,
FREE ADMISSION DURING GALLERY WALK. Exhibits include: Luscious, celebrating paint through the work of 14 artists.... Rust Work: Paul Bowen, small-scale sculptures constructed from scavenged wood fragments and marine detritus.... Printographs: Collaged Images by Stan Sherer, master photographer and printmaker.... Eyes Toward Heaven: Chris Page, three large-scale paintings expressing distinct moments during a period of transformation in the daytime sky.... From Luminous Shade: A testament to the restorative power of art by three artists mourning a son's untimely passing.... Windows to Creative Expression honors the extraordinary voices and artistic expression of young participants in the Poetry Studio. Open daily 11-5, closed Tues. Admission: $8-$6-$4, free: members and under 18. Free Thurs. after 2.
NOTE: Some exhibits are closing January 8, others continuing through early February. Two major new exhibits will open on January 14 with a brunch reception, free for the general public, at 11.

5. Whetstone Station Restaurant & Brewery
36 Bridge St., (802) 490-2354,
Erin Jenkins presents a continuing exhibit of linocut relief prints, monotypes, and carved wood blocks using water iconography to represent interpretations of dialogue, conscious thought, and streams of ever-changing emotions— The Whetstone offers inspired food, local craft beers, and specialty drinks in a picturesque waterfront location with free parking. Lunch and dinner daily 11:30-10, Fri.-Sat. till 11.

Work at River Gallery School
Dan Borden et al.
River Gallery School

6. River Gallery School of Art & Gallery 34
32-34 Main St., (802) 257-1577,
Artists who attended Adult Studio classes during the Fall 2016 semester are showing a wide variety of their work. The classes, held 4 times a week, are all based on one-on-one dialogue, so the exhibit varies widely in style and subject. Pastels, oil paintings, acrylics, watercolors, and 3-D work are among the mediums represented. Students of all ages and levels work together in the studio, interacting but also able to immerse deeply in their own work. Studio classes begin in the New Year..... On exhibit at street level in Gallery 34 are Virginia Kneubel's paintings of her world travels. A student of Lydia Thomson and Helen Schmidt at RGS for about four years, Virginia is a retired reference librarian and library director (14 years) and also taught English as a Second Language for a year in Seattle and English as a Foreign Language overseas for ten years.

7. Latchis Gallery
50 Main St., (802) 254-1109,
Opening in January is "Museum Studies," an exhibit by Rosemary Bernardi featuring several large charcoal drawings which are part of an ongoing series of works based on images she photographed at medical museums in the United States and Italy. Her exhibit is part of a new program at the Latchis called Splice, which combines art in the gallery, a monthly screening of films on themes related to the artwork, followed by conversation around those themes. January's film screening event will take place on Wednesday, January 25, at 7 p.m. More info at

8. In-Sight Photography Project
45 Flat St., Ste. 1, (802) 251-9960,
Featured in the The Tiny Gallery during January is work by students in classes during the Fall Semester at In-Sight. Some student work is for sale, and proceeds will be shared with students. In-Sight invites families and friends to recognize and celebrate the youth perspective in our community during an opening reception on Friday, January 6, from 5:30 to 8:30 during Gallery Walk. This exhibit is sponsored by Bast Corp. In-Sight Photography Project empowers youth through photography, regardless of ability to pay. For more information, call or visit online.

Work at Vermont Center for Photography
Vt Ctr for Photography

9. Vermont Center for Photography
49 Flat St., (802) 251-6051,
The photographic works of Boston artists Aaron John Bourque and Allison Cekala are linked by a desire to uncover and deconstruct landscape. Both use photographs to bring attention to stories lying just below the surface within the urban facade. From neighborhood street scenes to the salt mines of Chile, these images contain more than the eye can see, documenting evidence of larger stories impacting both the natural and social landscapes, encouraging a deeper look into what our surroundings can tell us, while seeking to make visible what otherwise might remain unseen. Opening reception 5:30-8:30 during Gallery Walk, otherwise now open 7 days a week, 12 to 5.

10. Restless Rooster Café & Coffee Bar
134 Elliot St., (802) 258-2565,
In honor of the new Star Wars movie, local photographer Irshad Mustafa shares photographs taken during the 10 years he spent in the lightsaber choreography community. Featuring past and current members of Empire Saber Guild and the now-disbanded New York Jedi, this exhibit celebrates the magic of Star Wars and the people who live it. May the Force be with you! Open daily; Full Coffee Bar and Breakfast all day 7 to 2; Lunch served Mon.-Fri. 11-2.

Painting by Lauren Waltrous
Gallery at 118 Elliot

11. Gallery at 118 Elliot
118 Elliot St., (802) 256-2757,
GALLERY WALK OPENING with various performance elements begins at 6 pm: The exhibit "A Sense of Place" was inspired by "Studio 404," a small painting by local artist Lauren Y. Waltrous. The show's co-curators Collin Leech and Lisa C. Mendelsund asked a number of other artists to explore how they feel their way into a relationship with the spaces they occupy, whether the intimate, interstitial spaces that often recede to the background of daily life and are salvaged through this process of examination, or perhaps the more fantastical and far-flung fantasy realms of the imagination, which are nonetheless visceral. The show demonstrates varied responses by eleven artists working in diverse media: Ross Thurber, Bronwyn Sims, Lydia Thomson, Jennifer Brunton, Steve Redmond, Finn Campman, Jana Zeller, Michaela Harlow, Collin Leech, Lauren Y. Waltrous, and Ben Mendelsund.... Promptly at 7 pm, Bronwyn Sims will debut a performance piece commissioned for the show. Local poet Ross Thurber will read from his poems connected with the show theme. Also featuring music arranged by Maria Pugnietti and light refreshments. ADMISSION IS FREE to all. The exhibit will be up at least through January 17 and can be seen by appointment.

Work at ArtRageUs1 Gallery

12. ArtRageUs1 Arts Collective
57 Elliot St., (802) 490-2277,,
Now featuring the watercolor landscapes of Scot Borofsky, better known in Brattleboro for his street art, and in NYC for his large abstract paintings. Scot will talk about his work and his long career as an artist at 6:30 pm during Gallery Walk on Friday, January 6. ArtRageUs1 is an arts collective selling art, crafts, books, and music created by local folks, and is home to the figurative furniture of Gayle Marie Weitz. Applications for membership in the collective (for artists, craftsmen, musicians, and authors) are available online and in the store. Open Fri./Sat./Sun. 11-5 and now online.

13. Graffiti Sandwich
49 Elliot St., (802) 490-2532,
Wyatt R. Kail is inspired by the distinctions and similarities between micro and macro. In his work this can be seen through motifs such as geometry, microscopic organisms, deep-sea life, outer space, and other forms and patterns found in nature. Through his work, he strives to create a sense of mystery and exploration to reconnect us all to the deep strangeness of life that we can so easily forget in our daily lives. Graffiti Sandwich serves tasty sandwiches and rice bowls, and Counter Culture coffee. Open for lunch and dinner Monday-Friday, 11 to 7. Serving food until 7 pm during Gallery Walk.

Work at Mocha Joe's
Mocha Joe's Café

14. Mocha Joe's Café
82 Main St., (802) 257-7794,
Local Painter/Printmaker/Performance Artist Jonas Fricke is back with an exuberant body of work talking about seeing and being and doing and feeling and sorting and reckoning and resisting and resting and getting wild and worrying and hoping and celebrating aliveness and mourning and continuing on. Come feast your eyes on a hyper-allegorical banquet of creative flux. Meet the artist during Gallery Walk, 4 to 7 pm. Enjoy Mocha Joeís own freshly roasted coffee, a seasonal drink, and freshly baked pastries.

15. Ruggles & Hunt: Purveyors of Staple & Fancy Goods
79 Main St., (802) 579-1900, & Facebook
"A flirt, a laugh, and a blare of color," the shop offers eye-catching clothing, jewelry, and creative cards; stylish housewares and furnishings; a bounty of books, toys, and gifts for all ages. Don't miss the amazing selection of locally made goods: Jewelry by Rebecca Rose, Laura Zindel Ceramics, Kitchen Boards by JK Adams, Beeswax Candles by Charles Andros, Clothing by Ibex & Fat Hat, Earrings by Baked Beads. Open daily 11-5:30, Sun. 12-5, and until 8 pm for Gallery Walk.

Art at Turn It Up!
Turn It Up!

16. Turn It Up!
85 Main St., (802) 251-6015,
The record shop now features a collection of vintage music and movie posters, several rare and collectible. Artists include the Beatles and solo projects, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, the Clash, Prince, Gene Wilder, Marilyn Monroe, Clint Eastwood. Turn It Up! sells new and classic music on vinyl and CD at bargain prices every day. Open Mon.-Thurs. 10-8, Fri.-Sat. 10-9, Sun. 11-6.

17. Amy's Bakery Arts Café
113 Main St., (802) 251-1071,
January features the continuing exhibit "Paintings from the Heart" by Caryn King and Georgie Runkle. In addition to her paintings of farm and field animals, Caryn has been finding tractors and shovels exciting—the older, the better! Studio visits are always welcome; visit online at Georgie paints structures and landscapes, from barns, covered bridges, and trees to fire engines and lighthouses. All of Georgie's works are painted on site and are easily identified by her unique use of color and geometric shapes. Amy's offers European-style breads; soups, sandwiches, salads; specialty cakes, cookies, and other treats; open Mon.-Sat. 8-6, till 8 on Gallery Walk evenings, and Sun. 9-5.

Work at Vermont Artisan Designs
Vermont Artisan Designs

18. Vermont Artisan Designs
106 Main St., (802) 257-7044,
Featured in January are the oils of Charlie Hunter, including paintings from his recent trip to Cuba, and the bronze sculptures of Susan Read Cronin. Reception from 6 to 7:30 on Friday, January 6, during Gallery Walk. A portion of featured art sales will go to Project Feed the Thousands. Gallery Walk reception, 6-7:30. Visit online or stop by 7 days to see work by over 300 artists and craftspeople.

19. Works Bakery Café
118 Main St., (802) 579-1871,
Photographer and painter Larry Mizrahi is displaying original paintings during January. This collection primarily features still-lifes and botanicals created using oils on canvas. Larry received his MFA from Brooklyn College in 1992 and currently lives in Guilford, Vermont. The café serves Rainforest Alliance coffee and humanely raised meats, poultry, and dairy with no antibiotics or added hormonesóthoughtfully sourced, local when possible. Come in for breakfast, lunch, or an early dinneróeat in or take out. Open 6 to 6 daily.

Work at WOW Frozen Yogurt
WOW Frozen Yogurt

20. WOW Frozen Yogurt
122 Main St., (802) 579-1255,
Paintings by Stan Ruszala of West Springfield, Mass., continue on display. Stan began his career as a restaurant server, though his wife saw great potential in his doodles and sketches, and convinced him to try his hand at painting. Stan's inspiration comes from crowded evening streets in front of prominent and famous establishments around the world. He uses black canvas and fluorescent colors to highlight and distinguish his work in a memorably bold and whimsical style that's easy on the eye. Hours: Sun.-Thurs. 12-8, Fri.-Sat. 12-9.

21. David Walter, Goldsmith & Platinumsmith
124 Main St., (802) 722-9620,
David Walter designs and produces contemporary heirlooms in precious metals and gems. While primarily producing one-of-a-kind bespoke jewels, some of David's commissions involve the refashioning of a piece of inherited family jewelry to suit its new owner. In either case, it's a collaborative effort between the client and the designer. Also showing are kinetic sculptures by Bruce Campbell: Defining space through the unpretentious medium of wire that has been joined, bent, and twisted into imaginative shapes, these works encourage viewer interaction through the operation of a hand crank. Hours: Wed.-Sun. 10-6, later for Gallery Walk.

Art at Gallery in the Woods
"Refugees" by
Gallery in the Woods

22. Gallery in the Woods & Dante's Infurniture
145 Main St., (802) 257-4777,
Continuing through January is Leonard Ragouzeos: Parallel Universe. "Without Refuge: Being Alive in Black & White" is a retrospective collection, spanning the past decade and exploring the faces, emotions, and objective symbols of war in our times. "Color" presents Ragouzeos' small, color-saturated, architectural and geometric abstractions in gouache on paper. Assembled, they reveal an internal dynamic that informs the rhythmic process of marking. Reception for the artist on Friday, January 6, 5:30-8:30. Open daily 11-5:30.

23. First Friday Pitch Night: Creativity in Business
139 Main St., Rm. 701, down the alley, thru glass doors, upstairs; info: R.T. Brown, (802) 451-0442
First Friday Pitch Night is an event, perhaps performance art, sponsored by INSTIG8 ( and Co-Working Plus ( This Friday's event will be informational and social, where one can learn about the interconnectedness of creativity, ideation, and business. Networking: 5:30-6:30, Presentations: 6:30-7, Networking and Discussions: 7-8:30. Subsequent months will feature individuals who are working on a business idea and sharing their concept in four minutes or less in the form of a "pitch." R.T. Brown from the Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation and Dave Evans from Co-Working Plus are the featured presenters.

Artwork at Children's Craft Fair
Gallery at The Garden

24. The Gallery at The Garden
Robert H. Gibson River Garden, 157 Main St., (802) 246-0982,
Open for Gallery Walk, 5:30-8:30 pm on Jan. 6, featuring "Get The Word Out," the 2nd Annual Showcase of Local Nonprofit Organizations, sponsored by the Strolling of the Heifers. Get out of the cold, learn about the important work of over two dozen local nonprofits, and grab a cup of hot chocolate from the Cocoa MOObar! Live music by singer-songwriter Jennie Reichman.
GALLERY EXHIBIT: This month Brattleboro-West Arts presents a show by Ron Karpius and fellow BWA members Kay Curtis, Steve Lloyd, Kris McDermet, Sharon Myers, Gene Parulis, Janet Picard, Walter Slowinski, and Jen Weichers. Art includes colorful representational and abstract paintings in acrylic, oil, and watercolor; hooked and braided wall hangings; large-scale prints on paper; and encaustic paintings— Otherwise open Mon.-Fri. 9-5 except for special events; these include the Brattleboro Winter Farmers' Market on Saturdays, 10-2.

Rosie Schulick bracelet at Penelope Wurr
Penelope Wurr

25. Penelope Wurr: Glass & Gifts
167 Main St., (802) 246-3015,
Continuing in the Upstairs Gallery are Country Maps by Cavallini, framed and unframed, for as little as $5. If you are already thinking about Valentineís Day Gifts, think about Buying Local from our Brattleboro artist Rosie Schulick. Rosieís fine jewelry and cards are on display through January and February. Semi-precious stones set in knotted silk form bracelets and necklaces that are delicate and uniquely wearable.... Currently on SALE: Winter Wearables, Cards & Calendars, and Holiday Ornaments. Also on display is Penelopeís Fine Contemporary Glass.... and donít forget the British Food! New Winter Hours: Mon.-Sun. 11-6, closed Tues.; open till 8:30 for Gallery Walk.

26. Mitchell · Giddings Fine Arts
183 Main St., (802) 251-8290,
Featured until January 29 is the Winter Group exhibit of work by gallery owners Petria Mitchell and Jim Giddings, new work from our gallery artists, and introducing work by Eric Boyer, Anne Johnstone, Gene Parulis, and Torin Porter. An ARTIST FORUM with a selection of our artists is scheduled for Saturday, January 7, at 5 pm.... Visit the MGFA Annex in the Brooks House Atrium, 128 Main St., for selected work by prominent and emerging artists.

27. Take a Moment for Peace
Centre Congregational Church, 193 Main St., in the Church Parlor, (802) 257-4588 Dee and Bob Keller
5:30-6 pm · Connie Baxter leads a meditation on "The Sacred Journey of GriefóSupporting Yourself and Others." Grieving the death of a loved one can be one of the most difficult of human experiences, but it can also be a time of deepened spiritual awareness and even transformation. The key is to allow oneself to feel the emotions of grief and find support as you move through them. We'll explore highlights of this process, in terms of self-support and supporting others. Connie Baxter is Bereavement Program Coordinator at Brattleboro Area Hospice and a member of the West Brattleboro Quaker Worship Group.

28. Brooks Memorial Library
224 Main St., (802) 254-5290,
SECOND FLOOR–CHILDREN'S BOOK ILLUSTRATORS CASES: Because of library renovation on the second floor, the next exhibit begins in February. ENTRYWAY CASE: Kids' crafts from Children's Room activities. MEZZANINE–LOCAL HISTORY ROOM WINDOWS: left–Abenaki artifacts collected locally; right–Vases from the Henrietta Loud Collection of 19th-century artworks; GLASS DISPLAY CASE: More objects from the Loud Collection. Selections from the Fine Arts Collection are permanently displayed throughout the building; a brochure offers a self-guided walking tour during library hours: Mon.-Wed. 10-9; Thurs.-Fri. 10-6; & Sat. 10-5.

Art by Maureen Mansfield MAUREEN MANSFIELD
Baskets Bookstore

29. Baskets Bookstore
48 Harmony Pl., (802) 258-4980,
Painter Maureen Mansfield's "New England Collection" is featured during Gallery Walk on Friday, January 6. A Brattleboro resident for the past thirty years, Maureen focuses on environment, peacefulness, and sustainability. "Artwork is how I escape from the pressures of life.... I would be lost if I didn't have art in my soul," she says. Come visit Baskets for local artwork and a good book.

30. Hermit Thrush Brewery
29 High St., (802) 257-BEER (2337), & Facebook
23-year-old artist Aliana Bloch was born and raised in downtown Brattleboro. Working with ink, pencil, and sometimes cut paper and found objects, she draws inspiration from the organic world around her. An avid reader of fantasy, science fiction, and scientific theory, she is fascinated by both the physical workings of the universe and the intangible wonders of life. Her favorite subjects are geometric mandalas and subtly fantastical female characters, drawing connection between the human form and the magic to be found in the ordinary. Pints of beer for Hermit Thrush Pint Night will be available 5 pm-late. Open Mon.-Thurs. 3-8, Fri.-Sat. 12-9, Sun. 12-6.

Desk by Phil Pellerin
I-91 Welcome Center


A. SE Vermont Welcome Center
I-91 North, about a mile south of Exit 1
The Silo Gallery is featuring several paintings by Vermont artists represented by Vermont Artisan Designs in Brattleboro— Farmer-artist Phil Pellerin is showing a desk, a floor lamp, and a table made from tractor parts and odds and ends— Information and showcase exhibits are useful resources for visitors and residents alike. Open 7 am to 11 pm daily.