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APRIL 2017
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Work showing at Crosby House

1868 Crosby House

Work showing at BMAC

Brattleboro Museum &
Art Center

Work showing at BMAC

Brattleboro Museum &
Art Center

Work at River Gallery School

Encaustic Classes
River Gallery School

Work at Gallery 34

Printmaking Classes
River Gallery School

Work at Windham Movement Apparel

Windham Movement Apparel

Work at In-Sight Photography Project

In-Sight Photography Project

Artwork at Ruggles & Hunt

Ruggles & Hunt

Artwork at Ruggles & Hunt

Pendants by
Ruggles & Hunt

Artwork at Amy's Bakery Arts Café

Poems & Artwork
Amy's Bakery Arts Café

Artwork at Vermont Artisan Designs

Vermont Artisan Designs

Artwork at Vermont Artisan Designs

Vermont Artisan Designs

Artwork at Works Bakery Café

Works Bakery Café

Artwork at Gallery in the Woods

Gallery in the Woods

Artwork at The Dianich Gallery<

The Dianich Gallery

Artwork at Hooker-Dunham Gallery

Hooker-Dunham Gallery

Young artist enjoying her creative efforts

13th Annual Exhibit by
Gallery at The Garden

Glass vase by Penelope Wurr

Penelope Wurr Glass
& Gifts

Work at Mitchell·Giddings Fine Arts

Mitchell · Giddings Fine Arts

Work at Hermit Thrush Brewery

Hermit Thrush Brewery

Work at Hermit Thrush Brewery

Hermit Thrush Brewery

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APRIL 2017


The next Gallery Walk will be on Friday, May 5.


Fish on platter by Janet Picard
The Marina Restaurant

1. The Marina Restaurant
28 Spring Tree Rd. (down behind 464 Putney Rd. - where the West River meets the Connecticut), (802) 257-7563,
Ongoing exhibits include paintings by Else DeVoid; watercolors by young Alex Hrabchak; flora, fauna, and landscapes by painter Kristina Wentzell; collages of vintage food imagery by Tiffany Heerema; large painted gourds by Terry Carter; fine art photography by Henry Ireland; botanical illustrations by Tina Olsen; landscapes and contemporary artwork by Martha Dolan; mystical landscapes, studies in nature, and unconventional still-lifes by Janet Picard; and impressionist-realist paintings by Deborah Lazar. Walk "munchies" available 5-6:30. This casual waterfront eatery with sunset view is open daily 11:30-10, Sun. Brunch served 10-1.


Work at C.X. SilverGallery
C.X. Silver Gallery

2. C.X. Silver Gallery & Dim Sum Teahouse
814 Western Ave., (802) 257-7898 or (802) 579-9088,
GALLERY OPEN 4-6 pm GALLERY WALK; otherwise open year-round by calling ahead.... Alyssa Hinton: Earth Consciousness and Cultural Revelations—exhibition info:; book: Ongoing exhibits: Rodrigo Nava: Infinity Forms sculpture on lawn. Cai Xi's abstract performance painting using mops/brooms/trowels as brushes; luminous landscapes; monumental portraits; and the multimedia DIM SUM DINING eves. by appt.—; calling 1-2 days in advance recommended, (802) 257-7898. Asian Cultural Center of Vermont (ACCVT) presents a Festival of Japanese Dolls on Sun., April 9, 12-2 pm at the gallery— or (802) 257-7898 for more information.

3. 1868 Crosby House
175 Western Ave., (802) 257-7145,
Vermont artist Amber Bessette's whimsical paintings of animals on her family homestead will be featured through the end of April. Stop by on Gallery Walk, April 7, from 5 to 8:30, and later on during the transition from winter to spring to see Amber's work, enjoy refreshments, and tour this tastefully restored and appointed Victorian bed-and-breakfast built in Italianate style. Its luxurious accommodations and lovely gardens are the perfect setting for out-of-town guests and special occasions.


Work showing at BMAC
Brattleboro Museum
& Art Center

4. Brattleboro Museum & Art Center
10 Vernon St., (802) 257-0124,
FREE ADMISSION during Gallery Walk. LIVE MUSIC, 6-7 pm: Brattleboro Music Center's Celtic Youth performers. New exhibits include DRAWN HOME: Paul Shore—Drawings include every object in his home.... GHOST MESA: Claire Van Vliet—Lithographs present the palpable power and presence of giant rock formations.... SERIOUSLY FUNNY: Ed Koren's New Yorker cartoons are known for intellectual pretentions, neglect of tonsorial responsibilities, and obliviousness to the weather.... LUMINOUS MUQARNA: Soo Sunny Park's immersive installation inspired by Islamic architecture.... GLASSTASTIC—Kids' creature drawings turned into glass sculptures.... APPEARANCES & REALITY: Mary Welsh collages explore house and home in life, memory, imagination, and fancy. Open daily 11-5, closed Tues. Admission: $8-$6-$4, free: members and under 18. Free Thurs. after 2.

Artwork at Whetstone Station
Whetstone Station

5. Whetstone Station Restaurant & Brewery
36 Bridge St., (802) 490-2354,
Paintings by Wyatt R. Kail are featured in April: "I am inspired by the distinctions and similarities between micro and macro. This can be seen through motifs such as geometry, microscopic organisms, deep sea life, outer space, and other forms and patterns found in nature. Through my work I strive to create a sense of mystery and exploration to reconnect us all to the deep strangeness of life that we can so easily forget in our daily routines." The Whetstone offers inspired food, local craft beers, and specialty drinks in a picturesque waterfront location with free parking. Lunch and dinner daily 11:30-10, Fri.-Sat. till 11.

6. River Gallery School of Art & Gallery 34
32-34 Main St., (802) 257-1577,
Gallery spaces feature work by Printmaking and Encaustic classes from the Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 semesters. Encaustic, monotype, relief, collograph, and drypoint are among the mediums represented. Visit RGS online for class and workshop offerings.... On exhibit at street level in Gallery 34 are works created by students at the Westminster West and Westminster Center Schools with teacher Janelle Beard.

Art at Latchis Gallery
Latchis Gallery

7. Latchis Gallery
50 Main St., (802) 254-1109,
NOTE: The gallery is taking a break between exhibits during April.... Special event on Sat., April 22, 4 pm: "The Latchis Legacy," a Documentary and Talk by film and theater historian Jonathan Boschen about Brattleboro's Latchis Theatre and its sister theaters in Keene, Claremont, Milford, and Newport, N.H.—an interesting look at the Latchis family, their theaters, and their place in theater history. To be held in Theatre 1. Admission $7.50 at the door. More info at

8. Windham Movement Apparel
5 Arch St., below 41 Main, (802) 246-1223, visit on Facebook,
Jeffrey Lewis has been photographing people and places for the last five years, with an increasing focus on people at work or in performance. He has had the pleasure of photographing both the local circus school and a regional dance festival. Currently in rotation are images of dancers in both rehearsal and performance. Windham Movement Apparel supplies the movement arts community with quality products in an environment that encourages fellowship between participants and increases awareness of the benefits of movement. Open Tues./Wed./Thurs. 3-8, Fri./Sat. 10-6, and till 8:30 for Gallery Walk.

Work at Vermont Center for Photography
Vt Ctr for Photography

9. In-Sight Photography Project
45 Flat St., Ste. 1, (802) 251-9960,
In April the Tiny Gallery features the series "Cosmos" by photographer Marcus DeSieno. "This body of work probes the immense scale of the universe as the microscopic and macrocosmic coalesce into an art object. Invisible microscopic bacteria are grown onto photographic film of appropriated images from the far reaches of outer space. The bacteria are swabbed from locations both ubiquitous and exotic, as I try to find a variety of microscopic life from the most unlikely places." DeSieno is currently teaching photography at Marlboro College and is a former volunteer of the In-Sight Photography Project. In-Sight Photography Project empowers youth through photography, regardless of ability to pay. For more information, call or visit online.

10. Vermont Center for Photography
49 Flat St., (802) 251-6051,
Featured through April 30 is "Wild & Precious" by photographer Jesse Burke. These images of treasures from the natural world were gathered on road trips taken over a span of five years by Burke and his daughter Clover. To encourage a connection between his child and nature, Burke used these adventures to give her an education that he considers essential: one that develops appreciation, respect, conservation, and self-confidence. Burke is a faculty member at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence. His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums in the U.S. and abroad. Visit online for further information. Opening reception 5:30-8:30 during Gallery Walk on April 7; otherwise open Fri.-Sat.-Sun. 12 to 5.

Work at Restless Rooster 
Restless Rooster Café

11. Restless Rooster Café & Coffee Bar
134 Elliot St., (802) 258-2565,
Springtime is for caterpillars! Celebrate rebirth with Irshad Mustafa's dramatic photos of beautiful specimens from The Caterpillar Lab. New season, new life. Change is only the beginning.... Stop by to see the art during regular café hours: Open daily 7-2, serving Breakfast & Brunch till 1 weekdays, 2 on weekends.

12. Gallery at 118 Elliot
118 Elliot St., (802) 257-2757 Lisa
Featured through April 27 is "Drawing from the Visible World," works on paper, paintings, and sculptures by Jason Alden, Paul Bowen, and Myles Danaher. Each artist has an intimate connection to the things he sees, recalls, and imagines with care and refined attention. All three encourage the viewer to see everyday objects and surroundings from a fresh perspective, whether the flattened plane of a table in Alden's paintings, the diamond-shaped holes in a bridge in Bowen's drawings, or the late afternoon sky framed by the dark forms of trees in Danaher's work. Opening reception during Gallery Walk on Friday, April 7, 6-8 pm. Gallery hours otherwise: Thurs.-Sat. 2-6 pm and by appt.

Work at ArtRageUs1 Gallery

13. ArtRageUs1 Arts Collective
57 Elliot St., (802) 490-2277,,
Now featuring the authors in WRITE ACTION—a local community-based, grass-roots writer's organization, and a member in the arts collective at ArtRageUs1. From 6:30 to 7:30 during Gallery Walk on April 7, members will read, sign, and sell their books—meet the authors, check out their books, and purchase WA paraphernalia (t-shirts, mugs, tote bags). ArtRageUs1 is an arts collective selling handmade items by local artisans, interesting books by local authors, and intriguing music by local musicians; and is home to the contemporary folk art furniture of local artist Gayle Marie Weitz. Open Fri./Sat./Sun. 11-5 and online.

Work at Mocha Joe's
8th Grade Artists
Mocha Joe's Café

14. Mocha Joe's Café
82 Main St., (802) 257-7794,
"Natural Integrations" by 8th grade artists at The Grammar School in Putney are featured. Art teacher Scott Moore asked his students to look at the work of Andy Goldsworthy before spending three classroom sessions in the woods and surrounding fields creating sculptures only with materials available in the environment. These sculptures were then integrated into the landscape near where they were found. The project emphasized play and improvised ideas that were site-specific. Participants also considered the ephemeral nature of their sculptures and spent time editing photographs of their work that now serve as the final pieces. Stop in 7 days to enjoy Mocha Joe's freshly roasted coffee, a seasonal drink, and freshly baked pastries. Open Mon.-Thurs. 7-8, Fri. 7-9, Sat. 7:30-9, Sun. 7:30-8.

15. Ruggles & Hunt: Purveyors of Staple & Fancy Goods
79 Main St., (802) 579-1900, & Facebook
"A flirt, a laugh, and a blare of color," the shop offers eye-catching clothing, jewelry, and creative cards; stylish housewares and furnishings; a bounty of books, toys, and gifts for all ages. Don't miss the amazing selection of locally made goods: Jewelry by Rebecca Rose, Laura Zindel Ceramics, Kitchen Boards by JK Adams, Beeswax Candles by Charles Andros, Clothing by Ibex & Fat Hat, Earrings by Baked Beads. Open daily 11-5:30, Sun. 12-5, and until 8 pm for Gallery Walk.

Art at Turn It Up!
Turn It Up!

16. Turn It Up!
85 Main St., (802) 251-6015,
The record shop now features a collection of vintage music and movie posters, several rare and collectible. Artists include the Beatles and solo projects, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, the Clash, Prince, Gene Wilder, Marilyn Monroe, Clint Eastwood. Turn It Up! sells new and classic music on vinyl and CD at bargain prices every day. Open Mon.-Thurs. 10-8, Fri.-Sat. 10-9, Sun. 11-6.

17. Amy's Bakery Arts Café
113 Main St., (802) 251-1071,
"Another World," an exhibit of poetry and art by students at The Poetry Studio in Marlboro, is featured. Founder Ann Gengarelly believes the unique language of poetry creates bridges between inner landscapes and the world outside. Program participants of all ages work toward a profound understanding of their own nature. Their unfettered imagination is also represented in drawings and presentations of the poems. During summer workshops, Tony Gengarelly, professor emeritus of Art History, facilitates this confluence of illustration, design, and poetic expression. Amy's offers European-style breads; soups, sandwiches, salads; specialty cakes, cookies, and other treats; open Mon.-Sat. 8-6, till 8 on Gallery Walk evenings, and Sun. 9-5.

Work at Vermont Artisan Designs
Photo Sale for NECCA
Vermont Artisan Designs

18. Vermont Artisan Designs
106 Main St., (802) 257-7044,
Featured in April is circus photography by Jeffrey Lewis in a benefit show and sale for the New England Center for Circus Arts. All proceeds from sales of this work will go to the NECCA building fund. Also on tap in the gallery for April are new paintings by Irma Cerese and William E. Roberts Jr.; a portion of sales of these featured paintings will also benefit NECCA. Opening reception for the NECCA exhibit and sale from 5 to 7 pm during Gallery Walk; the fundraiser runs through May 6Visit online or stop by 7 days to see work by over 300 artists and craftspeople.

19. Works Bakery Café
118 Main St., (802) 579-1871,
Work by painter/poet Robert MacRae is featured through April. A few self-published "story-poems" have been custom-framed with illustrations in gouache and ink on paper. His bohemian work emphasizes color and texture. Writing since his youth, he began painting two years ago. Some of his work has traveled to eight venues this past year in the "Wonderland Forever" exhibit by four artists, currently showing through March at Maia Papaya in Bethlehem, N.H. The café serves Rainforest Alliance coffee and humanely raised meats, poultry, and dairy with no antibiotics or added hormones—thoughtfully sourced, local when possible. Eat in or take out breakfast, lunch, or an early dinner. Open 6 to 8 daily.

Work at WOW Frozen Yogurt
WOW Frozen Yogurt

20. WOW Frozen Yogurt
122 Main St., (802) 579-1255,
Paintings by Stan Ruszala of West Springfield, Mass., continue on display. Stan began his career as a restaurant server, though his wife saw great potential in his doodles and sketches, and convinced him to try his hand at painting. Stan's inspiration comes from crowded evening streets in front of prominent and famous establishments around the world. He uses black canvas and fluorescent colors to highlight and distinguish his work in a memorably bold and whimsical style that's easy on the eye. Hours: Sun.-Thurs. 12-8, Fri.-Sat. 12-9.

Art at Gallery in the Woods
Gallery in the Woods

21. Gallery in the Woods & Dante's Infurniture
145 Main St., (802) 257-4777,
The Winter Show includes paintings by Richard Heller and furniture by Dante Corsano. Recent paintings by Brattleboro artist-educator Richard Heller are featured downstairs through April. He has been exploring two themes: "an interest in pattern and why we are wired ... to be attracted to it, and a way to make paintings that are improvisational and carry the immediacy of the creative process." In Gallery 2, two new tables by Dante Corsano feature purpleheart and inlay detail; music is only his second artform! Open daily 11-5:30.

22. The Dianich Gallery
139 Main St., Rm. 501, (802) 380-1607, down the alley and through the glass doors,, Brigade info:
5:30-7:30 p.m. on Friday, April 7: Reception for Gib Taylor: Paintings from the '80s and '90s, an exhibit continuing through April 28. The late painter's works explore the context and planes of color. Gilbert Taylor (1929-2006) grew up in Deer Isle, Maine, and went on to attend Harvard University, the Arts Students League, and the American Art School in New York City. The show features large oils on canvas as well as watercolors, many painted in the artist's Westminster West, Vt. studio. Taylor is well known not only for his artwork but also for his nearly thirty-year tenure on the visual arts faculty at Marlboro College. The gallery is otherwise open by appointment.

Painting by Collin Leech at Hooker-Dunham
Hooker-Dunham Gallery

23. Hooker-Dunham Theater & Gallery
139 Main St., enter the glass doors down alley and head downstairs
"Passages," recent works by Collin Leech and Helen Schmidt, are showing April 7-29. Helen's sculptures examine female identity; exploring archetypes of Maiden, Mother, and Crone led her to creating a more multifaceted definition of life stages. Also a painter and printmaker, Helen has taught at a number of area schools. As Collin layered paint, drawn marks, and collage without a clear intention, passages eventually emerged to lead her in the direction that each of these "feelings" paintings wanted. Both artists teach at River Gallery School and other programs in the area. Opening Reception during Gallery Walk, 6 to 8:30 pm. Otherwise open afternoons or by appointment—call (802) 258-7055.

24. The Gallery at The Garden
Robt. H. Gibson River Garden, 157 Main St., (802) 246-0982,
Work by the community's youngest artists is featured in April, when early childhood educators present their students' creations in the 13th Annual Young Children's Art Exhibit. Join families across the country during this Month of the Young Child in recognizing the people, programs, and policies that build better futures for all children—more info at Stop in during Gallery Walk on April 7 to enjoy the art show and for Youth Services' annual Summer Camp Fair, featuring camp information and sign-ups, as well as activities for kids— Open Mon.-Sat. 9-5 except for special events.

Virginia Graham ceramics at Penelope Wurr
Penelope Wurr

25. Penelope Wurr: Glass & Gifts
167 Main St., (802) 246-3015,
On display in the Upstairs Gallery is work by British ceramic artist Virginia Graham, an eclectic amalgamation of nostalgic form and imagery, transforming the ordinary past by drawing on a wide range of English/British domestic traditions. Using slip-casting and hand-building techniques, Virginia has created colorful and whimsical ceramic vessels in her own enchanting signature style.... New Spring arrivals in the shop include linen shirts, silk scarves, cards, and Easter gifts galore! Also on display is Penelope's Fine Contemporary Glass.... and don't forget the British Food! Spring Hours: Mon.-Sun. 11-6, closed Tues.; open till 8:30 for other Gallery Walks.

26. Mitchell · Giddings Fine Arts
183 Main St., (802) 251-8290,
Continuing through April 30 is David Rohn Watercolors 1974-2016, a special gallery-wide retrospective of Rohn's work, featuring still lifes and landscapes. Rohn's compositions offer unexpected appreciation and analysis of the common object. Exhibit Closing Party on Sunday, April 30, from 4 to 6 pm. Regular gallery hours: Wed.-Mon. 11-5.... Visit the MGFA Annex in the Brooks House Atrium, 132 Main St., for selected work by prominent and emerging artists.

Big Woods Voices singers
Brooks Library

27. Take a Moment for Peace
Centre Congregational Church, 193 Main St., in the Church Parlor, (802) 257-4588 Dee and Bob Keller
5:30-6 pm · All are welcome during Gallery Walk on Friday, April 7, for this month's Moment for Peace. John Ungerleider, just back from working with Israeli and Palestinian youth, will talk about that training program and share related music and activities. Dr. Ungerleider is a Professor of Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation at the SIT Graduate Institute in Brattleboro. He founded SIT's Youth Peacebuilding and Leadership Programs for teens from communities in conflict around the world, which have served over 10,000 young people since 1990.

28. Brooks Memorial Library
224 Main St., (802) 254-5290,
SECOND FLOOR—CHILDREN'S BOOK ILLUSTRATORS CASES: Vermont author-illustrator Charles W. Norris-Brown's "Did Tiger Take the Rain?"; ENTRYWAY CASE, beginning April 20: Kid's LEGO creations made at LEGO-palooza. MEZZANINE—LOCAL HISTORY ROOM WINDOWS: left–Abenaki artifacts collected locally; right–Vases from the Henrietta Loud Collection of 19th-century artworks.; GLASS DISPLAY CASE: More objects from the Loud Collection. Selections from the Fine Arts Collection are permanently displayed throughout the building; a brochure offers a self-guided walking tour during library hours: Mon.-Wed. 10-9; Thurs.-Fri. 10-6; & Sat. 10-5.

Brattleboro History Center logo

29. Brattleboro History Center
196 Main St. (through side door of Masonic enter), (802) 258-4957,
FREE ADMISSION: Open 2-7 for Gallery Walk, otherwise Fri. 2-4, Sat. 12-3, and by appointment. Enjoy a slideshow about the former Island Park from 4:30 to 7 on April 7. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Fort Dummer archaeological dig led by Walt Harrington. Browse BHS's online photo collections anytime. See photos of BUHS construction 1950-51——taken by the former Lewis R. Brown studio; originals are in the BHS collection.... Visit the BHS Research Room at the Municipal Center (3rd fl, elevator), open Thurs. 2-4, Sat. 10-12, and by appt.

Work at Baskets Bookstore
Baskets Bookstore

30. Baskets Bookstore
48 Harmony Pl., (802) 258-4980,
Painter Maureen Mansfield's "New England Collection" continues on exhibit. A Brattleboro resident for the past thirty years, Maureen focuses on environment, peacefulness, and sustainability. "Artwork is how I escape from the pressures of life.... I would be lost if I didn't have art in my soul," she says. Come visit Baskets for local artwork and a good book. Baskets offers used paperbacks in many popular genres and a limited selection of hardcovers; open 10 to 4 daily and till 8 on Gallery Walk first Fridays.

31. Hermit Thrush Brewery
29 High St., (802) 257-BEER (2337), & Facebook
Four young female micro-producers are showcasing their pottery, illustrations, and cotton clothing. Savor a sour beer, peruse the wares, speak to these emerging artists, and learn about the intentional community these women are undertaking to make. Pints of beer for Hermit Thrush Pint Night will be available 5 pm-late on April 7. Open Mon.-Thurs. 3-8, Fri.-Sat. 12-9, Sun. 12-6.


Work at I-91 Welcome Center
I-92 Welcome Center

A. SE Vermont Welcome Center
I-91 North, about a mile south of Exit 1
The Silo Gallery hosts work by Rodrica Tilley, who explains: "Weather, plants, light; landscape painting has been the primary focus of my art for over four decades. I find beauty, peace, and energy in the rural area where I live. Much of my garden and landscape work is completed out of doors—usually in one sitting a few hours long—en plein air." More information is online at Information and showcase exhibits are useful resources for visitors and residents alike. Open 7 am to 11 pm daily.